Lighthouse American School, NEASC accredited

"LAS is a safe, caring learning environment. Students' respect toward their peers, teachers, leadership, and visitors is impressive. The energy of the school is upbeat, optimistic, and exciting. The LAS learning community should be applauded…

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Summer camp week 3: living proof that science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics can be a lot of fun.

What could be more fun than building musical instruments, painting with ice, or making slime and magic sand from scratch in the summer?

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Our second week of summer camp: around the world in 5 days.

Traveling is the best, and most fun way to learn about many subjects: history, nature, traditions, music, sports... and empathy. Discovering that different traditions and cultures exist, helps us to broaden our perspective on things.

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Our first week of camp is inaugurated!

We started our camp in the last week of June with a theme that was as fascinating as it was fun: the oceans. Five days in which we learned a lot and refreshed ourselves -…

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Interview with Ms. Danielle Di Vito, Lighthouse American School Lead Teacher

"Lighthouse is the school I wish I could have attended as a young student, the school that I would dream of for my own child." Ms. Danielle di Vito, Lighthouse American School Lead teacher

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Lighthouse American School

"I am honored to share with you a glimpse of what Lighthouse American School is, and present you our thriving, dynamic and inclusive community." Irene Márquez, Lighthouse American School CEO & Founder.

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