One of the most important things you will learn at Lighthouse is how to take care of yourself.

Healthy habits

We care about your health

· At Lighthouse all rooms have natural light and additional support lights to take care of your eyes. We also have ergonomic chairs that take care of your lumbar health.

· A professional team designs our lunch menus, always using fresh products that are cooked in our school kitchen.

· All our food is homemade, natural and without ultra-processed products. Our menu includes traditional Spanish dishes, grilled or steamed food and healthy, great tasting preparations.

· Our morning snacks are as appetizing as they are healthy. Students who stay for after-school clubs will also be given a healthy afternoon snack.

· At Lighthouse you will learn that physical activity and sports play an important role in your life and in your healthy habits.


A school that worries and cares about keeping you safe

· Anti Bullying protocol: When anti bullying measures are not taken into consideration, the number of students who engage in violent behaviors increases. At Lighthouse we take anti bullying very seriously. We have an action protocol that helps the victim, their parents, counselors and teachers to eradicate the conflict from the very beginning..

· Access control: The entrances to the school are always locked and it is forbidden for people outside our community to enter. In order to guarantee a safe and relaxed environment, our safety protocol requires that we all have background checks as well as experience in dealing with children and their families.

· Image protection: We do not publish photos without the authorization of your families. In addition, our school is above street level so we cannot be seen from the outside of the school.

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Here you can see our extracurricular activities


Here you will find an example of our daily schedule


Here is a monthly example of the dishes that we make daily in our kitchen


Here you will find Lighthouse American School fees (2024-25 school year)

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