At Lighthouse we believe schools should adapt to the needs of the families and not vice versa.


A school calendar that adapts to your needs.

Lighthouse will remain open during most school holidays and morning arrivals are very flexible. No additional cost. In addition, we offer an exciting after school program and summer camp.

School celebrations

Celebrations your parents will be able to attend.

We know there is no audience more dedicated than your parents. We want to make sure they are able to attend all events which is why we program them in the afternoons, Fridays or Saturday mornings.


A setting specially designed to inspire your learning.

Our classroom design allows us to quickly change how it is arranged, depending on what you are learning at each specific moment. Our spaces are ample, filled with natural light and surrounded by nature, so you may learn inside and outside the classroom.


You also have to learn to live together.

We hold morning meetings and stage assemblies. We want you to learn how to use your emotional intelligence. It will help you solve conflicts and work on feelings of belonging, friendship and community. This way, we can make Lighthouse a place where you will be happy. We offer psycho-pedagogical care, as well as policies and protocols that will be activated when needed. These protocols help us find effective solutions to any problem that may arise. We do personalized follow ups, working with each one of you making sure you feel comfortable with your peers and teachers.

Want to know more details?


Here you can see our extracurricular activities


Here you will find an example of our daily schedule


Here is a monthly example of the dishes that we make daily in our kitchen


Here you will find Lighthouse American School fees (2024-25 school year)

we are waiting for you

Do you want to come and visit us?

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