Our second week of summer camp: around the world in 5 days.

Traveling is the best, and most fun way to learn about many subjects: history, nature, traditions, music, sports... and empathy. Discovering that different traditions and cultures exist, helps us to broaden our perspective on things.

Lighthouse Summer Camp -Week 2: around the world in 5 days.

Can you think of a better start to a round-the-world trip than a day as special as the 4th of July?

· We started the week with a party

With a start date like July 4th, it was mandatory to start our trip by visiting the USA, don't you think?

We enjoyed Monday with a traditional American celebration, burning off some energy practicing some football.

Practicing some football

· Homemade BBQ

After learning what this day represents for North Americans, we celebrated in the garden enjoying a delicious barbecue. What a delicious feast!

Enjoying our homemade BBQ

Burger, fries, corn on the cob - it was a fun, delicious way to celebrate the 4th of July!

· Preparing our own offering to Pachamama

Our second stop was in Bolivia, where they are already preparing for the August celebrations. This is a month in which Bolivians dedicate their rituals and offerings to Pachamama, Mother Nature, to give thanks for the food she has offered them during the year. They also take the opportunity to ask her to be equally generous in the following year.

We prepared our offerings in the garden to give to Pachamama, and we are sure she will thank us next spring!

Offering to Pachamama

· We create our own australian souvenir.

On our third day, we visited a place with such incredible nature and culture as Australia. We were so amazed with everything we saw and learned, that we decided to create our own aboriginal souvenir.

Creating our own didgeridoo.

We made our own didgeridoo, which we decorated with original paintings in the style of the Australian Aborigines, and used for the rest of our trip.

· Stretching our legs practicing some parkour.

Our trip continued to faraway India and, since we had been traveling for so many hours, we decided to move our bodies a bit by practicing some more parkour.

Nothing better to loosen up arms and legs after a long trip, than jumping around for a while.

Practicing parkour
· Working on our concentration coloring mandalas

Visiting the land of yoga also means learning to train our capacity for concentration and relaxation in a different way.

Coloring mandalas

We have trained our minds coloring mandalas, a fun technique that always gives surprising results.

· Welcome to Bollywood

Not everything in India is relaxation and meditation, it is also the country of Bollywood, so we could not leave there without practicing their fun dances.

We got to dance with such a style, everyone thought we were professionals!

Bollywood dancing
· Our swim at the Ganges

A tour of a country as fascinating as this had to end on a high note, so we ended up swimming in the famous Ganges River.

Swimming in the Ganges

Don't you find the waters of the Ganges surprisingly clear today?

· Portuguese ceramics

The end of our trip was near, so we decided that our last stop would be in Portugal. Despite being our neighboring country, there are still many traditions and curiosities of their culture that we do not know. For instance, did you know that it is common to find sardines in their pottery?

We work on our designs as if we were real portuguese ceramists.

Mastering our pottery techniques
· Farewell beach party

A trip with so many adventures deserved a farewell up to the task. So, we celebrated with a refreshing party at Lighthouse Bay with freshly squeezed juice and a nice swim.

Beach party

How we love the feeling of coming home!​

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