Our first week of camp is inaugurated!

We started our camp in the last week of June with a theme that was as fascinating as it was fun: the oceans. Five days in which we learned a lot and refreshed ourselves - We even created our own beach and everything!

Lighthouse Summer camp -Week 1: Oceans

But let's start from the beginning: during this week, we have done many activities to learn more about the oceans and prepare us for aquatic life.

· Parkour for life at sea

For example, we were introduced to the fun world of parkour, where we learned very useful techniques to make jumps and turns without hurting ourselves.

These techniques will help us dive in and do all kinds of water activities safely on beaches, pools, rivers or coral reefs from now on.


· Ice painting

We practiced refreshing activities such as ice painting, which consists of creating incredible shapes and colors using ice cubes as brushes.

Ice painting

Our fingers got really frozen!

· Daring with bodyboarding

Being about the sea, we dared with bodyboarding. How fun to be able to slide down our own water slides in Lighthouse Bay.

We surely recommend everyone to try it!


· Our own beach: Lighthouse Bay

We soon realized that with a little sand, Lighthouse Bay would be an amazing beach to swim and play on. So, we got to work and set everything up.

Lighthouse Bay

With some team work, we got it done and were able to enjoy hours of endless fun with the sand and water.

We even learned how to make our own lemonade at the beach party we organized, to say goodbye to the week at Lighthouse Bay.

Lemonade making
· A refreshing and interesting week

On our trip through the oceans during this week, we learned many interesting things about their fascinating inhabitants, such as sharks, their ecosystem, or phenomena as important for living in the sea as buoyancy. Needless to say, we also took the opportunity to cool off every chance we got!

Lighthouse Bay

How nice it is at Lighthouse Bay. You are officially invited to come visit us!