Summer camp week 3: living proof that science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics can be a lot of fun.

What could be more fun than building musical instruments, painting with ice, or making slime and magic sand from scratch in the summer?

Lighthouse Summer Camp -Week 3: STEAM

In our 3rd week of camp, we demonstrated that STEAM is a subject that can be incredibly fun for kids of all ages.

· We learn how to make our own slime

Believe it or not, there is something that is more fun than playing with slime, making it!

All throughout this week we’ve been able to discover that making and building our own toys is way more fun than buying them.

Making slime

· Practicing some ice-painting

Did you ever stop to think that with simple nature elements such as twigs, leaves, some ice and water colors beautiful pieces of art could be made?

Ice painting

We collected twigs and leaves from our garden and used them as brushes.

· Creating unbreakable eggs.

If you were challenged to drop an egg from a second floor without breaking it, would you be able to do it? Could you explain why? Well, we were able to meet the challenge with great success.

Look at our experiment. Aren’t we too cool?

Our unbreakable eggs experiment

· We design Goldberg machines

STEAM department at Lighthouse knew we had to spend some time on engineering, so we designed some Goldberg machines by creating several circuits together.

Designing a circuit.

It was great fun designing a simple machine circuit, however the best part was finding out that it worked and it could actually move different toys around!

· Chemistry and Physics put into practice at Lighthouse Bay

All throughout the week we’ve also been able to find time to inquire about the physics around jumping and the chemistry of the refreshing effect of water in our skins.

Spending some fun time in the pool can also teach us a lot of interesting things about physics and chemistry.

Experimenting with water
· We make magic sand

Mix a bit of this and a pinch of that, follow an ancient Lighthouse recipe and add your favorite color… voilá, you’ve created your own magic sand!

Making magic sand

Learning through play is way more fun.

· Look at the size of our bubbles!

As we became expert chemists during these days, we decided to go a step further and create giant bubbles. We discovered that it was not only a matter of getting the perfect mixture, but also of having enough skill and patience to give them the size and shape we wanted.

Working together as a team we were able to create a beautiful bubble show.

Making giant bubbles
· Creating our own musical instrument

We divided into groups to build a rain stick, a typical Amazonian instrument that simulates the sound of rain and falling water.

Making our own rain sticks

We loved hearing the sounds they made when we were finished. It felt as if it was really raining!

· Mixing a refreshing formula to finish off the day

Our STEAM experience encouraged us to create our own natural juice with which we decided to celebrate a farewell party at Lighthouse Bay and to toast to all that we had learned and had fun this week.

Celebrating a farewell party at Lighthouse Bay.

Lighthouse Bay

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